I will post updates on our campaign http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse?a=204267&i=emal and here until the campaign ends on October 17. That's only 32 days from now!!
Update #1:Hi Everyone,

THANK YOU for your contributions and emails of support!!! It is day 4 of the campaign and I wanted to give an update.

It’s been an exhilirating process with a lot of firsts…video, website, IndieGoGo campaign, press release and now promotion, sharing and more sharing. I’m happy to report that our momentum is building each day Day 1: 2 donors, Day 2: 4 donors, Day 3: 5 donors!!! THANK YOU and let’s keep it going!

For those of you have offered to contribute, I hope that you will do it today so we can continue to grow our supporter base. Please give as much as you can. As the number of donors is also important because it increases our visibility on the IndieGoGo home page.

The best part of this experience has been the sharing. I’m in touch with old friends and making new ones. Your LIKES are much appreciated and they help spread the word.

Yes…the money will fund the Pi Pan launch and my fingers are crossed that it will happen. I am also hopeful that everyone can help get the word out – make it viral – continue to LIKE our postings and email your friends, students, colleagues. Spread the word that it is important to REUSE!




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