What will it take for people to reuse and repurpose as a daily habit? I am constantly racking my brain trying to figure out why people seem to be inherently lazy and care so little about our planet's sustainability, and, what can we to change this behavior?

I just finished reading two very good, very different posts about this issue. One was written by Nicki Lisa Cole in today's  Conducive Chronicle entitled Beyond Disposable, A Paradigm Shift in Consumer Living. She raises the question: "What if nothing was disposable?" What if we didn't manufacture single-use disposable products? Wouldn't it be easy and automatic to reuse and repurpose if products were made with quality sustainable materials, built to last? No one would consider throwing away a stainless steel cookie sheet after one use. The second post was in Grist, with the caption: "Too Lazy to Go Green? Hire an Eco-Concierge." Are they kidding? Is that how lazy we've really become? They say that people who have a slight environmental conscience and the money can go greener and still be just as lazy. How does that work? What happens when one of these entitled people is out and about and polishes off a diet coke in a can? Does that person throw it in the recycling bin? The trash? Or care enough to bring it home to the Eco-Concierge? But that would involve some effort.

I'm hoping for a more sustainable solution. I'd love your ideas on how to get people to choose to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle as a good everyday habit.