This is the third week and the third update. Good News: we had great momentum last Tuesday, thanks to you, our amazing supporters!…so great that we landed at the top of IndieGoGo’s home page as a Featured Campaign!

The number of hits on our campaign moved us up to this highly visible, coveted spot. I want to THANK YOU for your contributions, your visits to the campaign, and your forwards to fellow environmentalists and foodies to get us there.

Here are the stats to date:

• 854 Visitors to the campaign.
• 689 Referrals to the campaign.
• 48 Funders!!!
• 41 I Choose to Reuse bumper stickers will be distributed to help spread the word.
• 29 Trees will be planted.
• 21 People in need will receive clean water for an entire year via our partnership with MiiR and their one4one initiative.
• 21 Days remain in the campaign.
• 4 More press releases published online.
• 2 – Our position on IndieGoGo’s Small Business campaign section.
• 1 – Our target number to be the top campaign on IndieGoGo.

We are truly grateful for your referrals. If you have (or know) students who are active on Facebook, please send them our link. Contributions, starting at $5, are much appreciated.

We would love to get back on the home page for more exposure and to continue our efforts to spread the word about the importance of reusing.


Good News Reuse/IndieGoGo Campaign:http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodNewsReuse
Twitter: @goodnewsreuse, @sslopes



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854 Visitors to the campaign.
689 Referrals to the campaign.
48 Funders!!!
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