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Press Release
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Good News Reuse™ Set to Launch First Reusable Pizza Container Made from Sustainable Materials to Replace the 3 Billion Cardboard Pizza Boxes Thrown Away Every Year

Good News Reuse™ has developed the world’s first reusable pizza container made from sustainable materials to replace the 3 billion single-use cardboard pizza boxes thrown away in the United States every year.

Mill Valley, CA September 19, 2011        

We throw away over 3 billion single-use cardboard pizza boxes in the United States every year. Good News Reuse™, a Mill Valley, CA start-up, has a sustainable solution – the world’s first reusable pizza container made of thin, food-grade stainless steel, reusable over 1,000 times.

To fund the idea, Good News Reuse™ founder Susan Lopes has launched an online campaign on IndieGoGo. She is counting on community support from environmentalists and pizza lovers to raise funds to launch the Pi Pan, a reusable pizza box.

IndieGoGo is a “crowdfunding” website where entrepreneurs can raise seed money for innovative ideas. Visitors to IndieGoGo can contribute as little as $5 or up to $25,000 or more, and are rewarded with perks. Good News Reuse™ has set its goal at $70,000, the minimum needed to fund Pi Pan prototypes and samples. The campaign runs until Monday, October 17, 2011.

“I chose IndieGoGo,” says Lopes, “because you can spread the word quickly to a lot of people. Our company has a strong educational message - the importance of reusing. IndieGoGo allows you to promote your brand and message, not just a specific project.” In keeping with the company’s long-range mission, Good News Reuse™ is partnering with MiiR’s one4one initiative. Eligible contributions to Good News Reuse™ will provide clean water to people in need for an entire year.

The patent-pending Pi Pan is made of commercial food grade stainless steel and is as thin as a reusable water bottle. It is BPA-free, does not contain other unhealthy chemicals, and is reusable for 1,000+ times.

Good News Reuse™ believes that the introduction of reusable products in businesses, institutions, and schools will make a huge impact on resource conservation. The act of replacing single-use products provides an opportunity to create life-long healthy habits, particularly among young children.

“People are always shocked to learn how many pizza boxes we throw away every year, enough to circle the earth 26 times. They are also surprised to find out that food-stained pizza boxes are not recyclable, only commercially compostable. Pizza boxes are crowding our landfills,” says Lopes, “but we all love pizza so help us change the box!”

About Good News Reuse™: 

Good News Reuse™ is a start-up dedicated to reducing waste in the food and beverage industry. Good News Reuse™ designs sustainable solutions to replace single-use disposables with reusable products. 

Once profitable Good News Reuse™ will donate at least 1% of annual sales to nonprofits working to protect the environment and promote environmental awareness.


IndieGoGo Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse?a=204267&i=emal

URL: http://www.goodnewsreuse.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodNewsReuse?sk=wall

Twitter: @goodnewsreuse


Contact: Susan Lopes * susan@goodnewsreuse.com * +1 415 265 5776



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