Hi Everyone,
This is the last day of our campaign on IndieGoGo...we're in the final countdown. It ends tonight at 11:59 pm pst. We can't even begin to tell you how appreciative we are for your support of Good News Reuse™ and the Pi Pan! 

5,000 people have viewed our story and it has been posted via Google news in Italy, Australia, England, Bulgaria, Hungary and China. We presume the viral link has touched tens of thousands.

We would like to extend a Big Thanks to Laurie David who ramped up the campaign last week by matching the funds we'd received and for challenging others to do the same. Thank you so much to all of you who have given, and we would be grateful if you could forward this message today and ask your friends to please join you in supporting the launch of Good News Reuse™.

With heartfelt thanks,

IndieGoGo Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodNewsReuse
Twitter: @goodnewsreuse, @sslopes
Good News Reuse™ has only two weeks to go on IndieGoGo. To each of you who have donated, posted a link on Facebook, tweeted, sent an email to your friends: THANK YOU!!!

There’s good news: close to 1,500 people have viewed our crowdfunding campaign and are now aware that cardboard pizza boxes are causing a negative impact on our environment. We’re excited about that! We know this is just one of many waste issues in the food and beverage industry, one of many that Good News Reuse™ would like to tackle. Great news: one of our key customers, who’s waiting for the Pi Pan for school deliveries, contributed to our campaign this week.

While the number of viewers increased, we lost some momentum in the number of funders. We’d greatly appreciate your help so we can catch up this week, move closer to our goal, and return to the top of the home page on the IndieGoGo website. Please comment, contribute anything you can, and tell your friends about our campaign. It’s quick and easy.

(Bonus: Eligible contributions will go towards the MiiR one4one initiative – providing clean water to those in need for an entire year.)

Campaign on IndieGoGo: http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodNewsReuse
Twitter: @goodnewsreuse, @sslopes


This is the third week and the third update. Good News: we had great momentum last Tuesday, thanks to you, our amazing supporters!…so great that we landed at the top of IndieGoGo’s home page as a Featured Campaign!

The number of hits on our campaign moved us up to this highly visible, coveted spot. I want to THANK YOU for your contributions, your visits to the campaign, and your forwards to fellow environmentalists and foodies to get us there.

Here are the stats to date:

• 854 Visitors to the campaign.
• 689 Referrals to the campaign.
• 48 Funders!!!
• 41 I Choose to Reuse bumper stickers will be distributed to help spread the word.
• 29 Trees will be planted.
• 21 People in need will receive clean water for an entire year via our partnership with MiiR and their one4one initiative.
• 21 Days remain in the campaign.
• 4 More press releases published online.
• 2 – Our position on IndieGoGo’s Small Business campaign section.
• 1 – Our target number to be the top campaign on IndieGoGo.

We are truly grateful for your referrals. If you have (or know) students who are active on Facebook, please send them our link. Contributions, starting at $5, are much appreciated.

We would love to get back on the home page for more exposure and to continue our efforts to spread the word about the importance of reusing.


Good News Reuse/IndieGoGo Campaign:http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodNewsReuse
Twitter: @goodnewsreuse, @sslopes

Just posted this update on our IndieGoGo funding campaign. Now I'm looking for a college student intern to spread the word. If you know of any eco-conscious, pizza loving students interested in running a project, please let me know!


Once again…huge thanks for your support! We gained some momentum this week and it moved us up in the ranks. We had the most supporters yet…16 on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning IndieGoGo had sent an email to all their subscribers with Good News Reuse as their featured campaign! At random (or maybe not) the email pictured our own Mechanical Engineer Intern – Shiv and my beloved niece – Marielle, in her bridal attire.

The word is spreading…we’ve gotten press by Packaging Revolution, Yahoo News, American Banking & Market News and YouTubeBlogger. A lot of tweets and Facebook action from pizza people and environmentalists like Zem of EcoFabulous. 

Next step is to engage eco-conscious, pizza loving college students to make this campaign viral. If we can attract 13,000 students across the nation to spread the word and give just $5, we’ll achieve our goals – to educate about the importance of reusing and to fund the Pi Pan protoype. 

If you have any suggestions on contests and other ways to motivate colleges to participate, I’d appreciate it. And please tell your friends about the campaign.



I will post updates on our campaign http://www.indiegogo.com/GoodNewsReuse?a=204267&i=emal and here until the campaign ends on October 17. That's only 32 days from now!!
Update #1:Hi Everyone,

THANK YOU for your contributions and emails of support!!! It is day 4 of the campaign and I wanted to give an update.

It’s been an exhilirating process with a lot of firsts…video, website, IndieGoGo campaign, press release and now promotion, sharing and more sharing. I’m happy to report that our momentum is building each day Day 1: 2 donors, Day 2: 4 donors, Day 3: 5 donors!!! THANK YOU and let’s keep it going!

For those of you have offered to contribute, I hope that you will do it today so we can continue to grow our supporter base. Please give as much as you can. As the number of donors is also important because it increases our visibility on the IndieGoGo home page.

The best part of this experience has been the sharing. I’m in touch with old friends and making new ones. Your LIKES are much appreciated and they help spread the word.

Yes…the money will fund the Pi Pan launch and my fingers are crossed that it will happen. I am also hopeful that everyone can help get the word out – make it viral – continue to LIKE our postings and email your friends, students, colleagues. Spread the word that it is important to REUSE!